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Dr. Chlorella


The Chlorella Fella

Chlorella — real wonder of the world! This is one of the best means of detoxification of the body. Chlorella Fella is unique in that it contains a range of minerals, vitamins and other elements that have the most beneficial effect on the human body.

Chlorella — a unique seaweed, which has no analogues. Chlorella accurately be called one of the greatest wonders of the world, and its opening boldly ranked as the most outstanding achievements of the scientific world.

Chlorella FellaChlorella belongs to a class of unicellular green algae. Its environment — freshwater ponds. Chlorella is considered a long-liver of our planet, it's measured by the existence of more than two billion years old.

Chlorella Cells

Chlorella is widely used in the developed countries for food fortification biologically valuable nutrients. Chlorella is a wonderful antidote to the disease caused by the consumption of refined foods.

In Chlorella many B vitamins, magnesium and other minerals. Chlorophyll — the green pigment which contains an organic iron and has a pronounced "cleaning properties", and therefore is required for any program of detoxification and body cleansing.

Chlorella is also required in the following situations: pesticides, insecticides, phenols, acute and chronic inflammatory processes of bacterial and viral origin (ARI), bronchitis, sore throat, cold sores, pyelonephritis, cystitis, adnexitis, prostate, diabetes, wounds, burns, postoperative period, atherosclerosis, alcoholism, participation in the treatment of cancer and etc.