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Around The World


Peace Day is 21st of September; aiming to become an annual day of non-violence and global truce. The tipping point of awareness that will allow this day to become institutionalised in the calendar is roughly 20% of the world’s population. To promote and raise awareness around Peace Day, we’ve initiated an experiment called ‘A Lap Around The World.’

The aim is to see if we can make a tweet, promoting Peace Day, travel one whole lap around the world. Each tweet with the hashtag #PeaceDay21Sep will be pinned on the map and, if successful, eventually complete a line of tweets across the entire globe by 21st of September.

Creative Directors: Henrik Düfke, Felipe Montt;
Copywriter: Henrik Düfke;
Art Director: Felipe Montt;
Designer: Keith Bone;
Developer: Riccardo Bartoli.